We recently had a look at how to setup and list your business on Google my Business. In this article we will have a look at the many benefits of listing your business on Google my Business.

Local listings:

According to Google, as many as one in three “Google searches” is done with the intent to find something locally. In effect when a person wants a pizza or simply need to find out where his/her laundry can be done, they want a business near them. We know that most people use Google as their search engine of choice. Therefor a listing that will show up in local searches is the way to go. Google my Business will ensure that your business is visible is local searches.

Google also indicated that up to 50% of all people who did a “Google search” for a local business on a mobile device visits it as well. The ability to have 50% of local people who found your business via Google my Business visiting your business on the same day is simply something every business owner dream of.

Targeted audience:

A clear distinction exists between a business’ potential audience and its targeted audience. As an example; a Billboard next to the Highway is seen by many hundreds of people in a day. If the Billboard displays a new vehicle model only a specific percentage of people (usually a very low figure) will “really take note” and even fewer will visit a dealership to have a closer look and lastly only a handful will buy the vehicle.

In contrast to this, having your business listed on Google my Business will ensure that your product and/or service will only be viewed by people who are actively searching for your product or service. The actual ratio of leads or prospects turning into customers is so much higher as in the above example. Targeting a specific audience and knowing your audience allows you to furnish them with the actual information they are searching for.


Adding interactivity to your business and its brand allows potential clients to interact with you by asking specific pre-sales questions or any other questions they may have. Being able to communicate with clients and answer their questions gives any business that uses Google my Business that specific edge over their competitors. By providing potential clients with clear and concise answers businesses is able to build their reputation and credibility. Allowing clients to give reviews help to build your brand’s credibility even further. This also helps you to build a loyal fan base.

A potential client who receives a quick answer can convert to a buying client so much quicker.

Opportunities for small businesses:

Creating a Google my Business account is free which means a small business do not have to compete with larger business with bigger marketing budgets. A small business will be on same footing as a larger business when it comes down to visibility during Google searches. Normally small businesses are not in a position to reach out to larger audiences as is the case with large businesses. Google my Business surely puts and end to this problem.

Broader exposure:

When you have listed your business on Google my Business your business will be listed across Google’s services such as search results, Maps and Google +. This increases your business’ reach in “local searches”. Being on Google + allows a business to communicate with its clients on a scale that was previously not possible.

You can also set up multiple service areas. This is especially helpful if your business has multiple locations. Google my Business allows you to set up these multiple locations. This will ensure that your specific business location that is the nearest to a potential client will be seen by that person during a search.

Easily Updated:

In our previous article we discussed the process of setting up Google my Business. Once your business has been confirmed and set up properly it is very easy to keep it up to date and relevant. If you open a new store in a specific location, you can add it to your Google my Business account and have it available in relevant local searches in a jiffy. Changing any information is very easy and is applied immediately.

Visually pleasing: 

Having the ability to add images and videos to you Google my Business account assist in giving potential local clients a very visual impression of your business. This allows you to make quality content available to your potential clients which will assist them in “getting to know your business”.

Important insight:

Google my Business gives you instruments with which to measure traffic statistics such as views clicks and followers. This in turn helps you to understand what excites potential clients, what approach is working or importantly not working etc. Having insight into potential clients behaviour can help you plan your sales strategy, how you approach potential clients and how to achieve set goals.


You are welcome to comment, share your view or even ask a question. We always value your inputs.