Professional Digital Magazines

We design and create Professional Digital Magazines, perfect for displaying Custom Designed Magazine, Brochures and/or Catalogues on your website.

Professional Digital Magazines

We design and create Professional Digital Magazines, perfect for display of Magazines & Brochures on your website.

Our Professional Digital Magazines:

Our Professional Digital Magazines consists of the following:

Cost Effective

Digital magazines are much cheaper than the printed media since there are no printing costs. There are also no unsold copies left which you have paid for.

Free Distribution

After embedding the Digital Magazine on your website a link is generated. The link can be sent to your audience via email or social media platforms of your choice.

Improved SEO

People will have to visit your website to view your Professional Digital magazine. This will generate more traffic to your website. Your website’s ranking will increase as a result.

Eco Friendly

No paper is being used. Going green ensures that your Digital Magazine will contribute to worldwide campaigns. You can become part of ensuring a green and sustainable future for all.

Embedded Media

Images, videos and links can be embedded in your Professional Digital Magazine. Users will love the interactive experience which is great for UX (User Experience).

All Devices

Your Professional Digital Magazine will be available on all devices capable of accessing the internet. This ensures a wider reach for your brand than with the printed media.


Bespoke Professional Digital Magazines

We design and create bespoke Professional Digital Magazines for our clients with the focus on promoting their brands. A Professional Digital magazine plays a pivotal role in furnishing your clients and prospective clients with information relevant to your unique products and services.

If you want something different than a magazine we can design and create stunning brochures or catalogues to be displayed in a similar professional manner. The magazine styled page turn effect is sure to be a hit with your audience.

Let your Professional Digital Magazine speak for your business and afford you the opportunity to reach new markets in a trendy and fashionable yet cost effective manner.

Our Digital Magazines are responsive.

Our Professional Digital magazines can be viewed on any device capable of accessing the internet. The page sizes can be manipulated to give your readers complete control over their reading experience. With most people browsing the internet on mobile devices you cannot afford not to have an all responsive presence with your Professional Digital magazine.

Professional Digital Magazine Examples

Our Traditional
Process & Workflow.

We do a lot of research prior to designing and developing a Professional Digital Magazine for a client. Research includes understanding the target market and the product. We will then suggest the best possible layout and content to place the business and potential client in contact.

By utilising the latest technology and practices we assist businesses in getting their Professional Digital Magazines to work for them. Your brand will be promoted as a result. Being recognised will increase your revenue.

Project Research

Proper research ensures a proper understanding of the Digital Magazine’s content.

Draft Publication

We create an early representation of the Digital Magazine and the content it should contain.


After approval we proceed with the design and tweak all aspects that will ensure success.


Developing and implementing the design and strategies that will deliver a proper Digital Magazine

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