Why should I have a WordPress website?

As you may already know, WordPress is a simple and free Content Management System (CMS) and have many features and countless customisation options. A WordPress website will fit into any arena, from small to large businesses. It can also be used for any type of website. From portfolio and blog to an online store and any type of website imaginable. Simply put, WordPress is the most used website platform out there.

In this post the most notable big brand that uses WordPress is listed.

We would also like to share the reasons why WebScripto Pty Ltd recommends the use of WordPress and uses it as a platform from which to build most of our clients’ websites.

Easy User Management:

A WordPress website is the easiest to manage from an end user / client’s perspective. The basics of WordPress are extremely easy to learn and to understand even for a novice. We have also experienced, first hand (during the training sessions that we offer our clients), how quickly they took to their WordPress websites. Not only are the functions of a WordPress website easy to understand, it is also the easiest CMS platform to maintain. Adding new content or updating existing content on a WordPress website is mastered in a very short time.

WordPress websites also allow for multiple users, each with their own functions and permissions. This allows for collaboration between team members to ensure that your WordPress website is always packed with the latest information and content.

Design Fluidity and Flexibility:

From a designer’s perspective WordPress is an obvious choice. WordPress is not only about functionality (which is extremely important), it is also about giving designers and developers all the scope necessary to design complete custom layouts and to add specific functions which are not intrinsic to WordPress. Although there are, due to the popularity of WordPress, many themes available, there is no reason why one WordPress website should like any other website.

Adding additional functionality to a WordPress website is as easy as installing a selected plugin. Due to its popularity as a website platform, WordPress can boast about one of the largest communities of developers who create plugins for top notch performance and functions.

Vigorous Security Features:

Wordpress website securityA WordPress website, just like any other website, is vulnerable to attacks. Attacks can come in many ways. The intention is however always the same; to steal information kept on your website. For this reason, WordPress is regularly updated to ensure that your WordPress website is always protected against the latest threats. These updates ensure that the necessary security measures are in place in respect of the core data of WordPress, as well as the databases on which your data is stored.

In addition to regular updates there are extremely well developed additional security plugins that continuously scan your website for threats, and viruses. It also prevents suspicious access to your website both from online sources, as well as from attacks via your hosting server.

WordPress’ inbuilt password protection is second to none in the CMS environment and will ensure that your password is protected at all times. It however remains the website owner’s responsibility to use strong passwords.

WordPress also makes SSl Certification (which can be tricky to first time users), easy to do. This is good news as Google are already penalising websites that does not have an SSL certificate.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

These days everybody knows what SEO is and it is therefore not necessary to explain this term. A WordPress website is no stranger to SEO. WordPress has been designed, at its core, to be SEO-friendly. Not only does it allow your website to be crawled easily by search engine robots to index your website. It also allows you to create content in a SEO-friendly manner.

Although a WordPress website is SEO-friendly at its core, reputable plugins such as Yoast SEO and WordPress All in One SEO, have been developed which takes the search engine optimisation of a WordPress website to a completely new level.

Both cater for all the aspects of SEO factors that need to be incorporated in a successful website. These factors, include link building, well written content, meta data, keywords, a sitemap etc and guide you in steering your website to a well-deserved high-ranking search engine position. In short, it helps you in the ever-changing SEO wilderness.

We will not consider these two or plugins in this article. We may compare these plugins in a future post. Free versions of these plugins are available in the WordPress Repository

Simple Content Management: 

Wordpress website content management systemAlthough we alluded to content management earlier in this article, we think it deserves more than a mention. Let us have a look at why we believe that a WordPress website is the ultimate in simple content management.

A marketing strategy which became extremely important is content marketing. It is the driving force that can make or break a business. WordPress does not only allow you to create content, it offers you the tools and resources that can make your content stand out from the rest.

WordPress’ built in editor provides you with a visual editor as well as a text editor. The visual editor has a striking resemblance with popular word processors, which will make a first time WordPress website owner feel comfortable. The text editor allows seasoned users to add HTML tags and CSS styling to that content. WordPress thus gives us a distraction free writing mode which automatically saves your written content as you write. You can also save your content as a draft which can be reviewed and approved by another team member.

When your written content is approved it is published with just one click of a button. The visual editor allows you to add audio/visual content such as images, video and audio clips. Long content can be split into multi page content which makes it more readable.

Social media integration further ensures that your content can be shared and published on all the available social media platforms with one click.

You can also schedule your content to be published on a specific date and time which makes planning your content marketing strategy so much more effective.

A built-in commenting system means that your target audience can leave their comments which furnishes you with valuable insight into your target market.

Other reasons why a WordPress website ranks at the top:

You can easily switch your hosting server and with the click of a button, your entire WordPress website can be transferred to the new hosting server.

With numerous e-commerce solutions, created specifically for WordPress such as WooCommerce (top contender), WP eCommerce, Ecwid, Easy Digital Downloads, Jigoshop, iThemes Exchange, Marketpress and many more, your current WordPress website can easily be augmented by an online store.

WordPress supports multi-language websites. In fact, there are currently 70 plus different languages available.

Lastly, everybody can use WordPress. It is the only platform you will need for a personal blog, yet powerful enough to host a large-scale enterprise. In a previous article we also mentioned the reasons why we are using WordPress at WebScripto Pty Ltd.

We trust that the above was both informative and helpful. Kindly contact us, if you need any additional information, or even for a quote on your own WordPress website.

Eitel Bock